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What is NASMD?

NASMD History

Over five decades ago, a new kind of music dealer was emerging, one specializing in sales and service to schools. These dealers faced challenges unlike those encountered by other retail store owners, and felt that they lacked a strong voice in the music industry.

In 1962, a group of like-minded dealers founded the National Association of School Music Dealers (NASMD) to help its members share information, ideas and solutions to common problems.


Today, NASMD continues as a strongly united Association of retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers, all dedicated to serving the school music market. While our business strategies change with the times, our focus remains the same . . . helping school music students make music!

At our annual convention, we offer our members a full educational program, as well as many opportunities to network with other industry professionals at social events.

NASMD Professional Standards

NASMD Members will…

Help local teachers develop successful school music programs…

Personal consultation with each director to understand the needs of his/her program

Routine, dependable calls by a qualified sales professional

Reliable support & solutions through high quality products, services, & information

Help parents provide for & support their child's active participation in school music programs…

Help educate parents about the positive, life-changing benefits of active music-making

Provide high quality, affordable, teacher approved products & services designed to help their child succeed

Provide convenient, reliable, timely service after the sale to help their child make music with minimal interruptions

Help students enjoy the benefits of making music in their school music programs…

Provide high quality, properly adjusted products to help the student learn to make music as quickly as possible

Provide reliable, timely service to help the student continue to make music with minimal interruptions